Thursday, 31 January 2013

One Night

I gaze up from the bar
Straight from heaven, there you are
Your eyes a piercing cerulean blue
Instantly entranced, my dream come true
My heart skips a beat
Can't believe we finally meet
You saunter slowly towards me
No more handsome could you be
For so long I've yearned for this night
Couldn't be more perfect, feel so right
With a seductive smile you hold out your hand
"Come to me princess", your wish is my command
Our fingers entwine, skin on skin
Igniting the fire that's been burning within
As you lead me up to your room
My heart beats a thunderous boom
You open the door
I glance at the floor
Rose petals so seductively red
Enticingly trail straight to the bed
Pulling me close, you brush the hair from my neck
Delectably soft kisses have an electrifying effect
Every part of my flesh aches with anticipation
Your hands slowly caressing with sweet adoration
Molten desire coursing through my veins
I've wanted so long for you to take the reigns
In one swift move I'm against the wall
You hold me up so I won't fall
Legs wrapped tightly around your waist
Hips needing, seeking, thrusting in haste
"Slow down princess, we deserve to savour
Every touch, every kiss, every delicious flavour"
Lips crash down on mine, our tongues explore
Feeling you hard and thick against my throbbing core
Fingers trace delicately up my thigh
As you discover my wetness you let out a sigh
You place me gently on top of the bed
Kneeling before me, I grasp your head
Your tongue now circling, probing deep
My waning composure I can no longer keep
Moaning loudly, hands clenching the sheets
You slide up my body til our arousal meets
Staring into my eyes, you slowly fill me
Clenching you tightly is my body's plea
Biting my lip I shyly whisper
"fuck me now.....please Sir"
A carnal growl escapes your lips
Driving into me as I thrust my hips
Together at last on this impassioned ride
Ecstasy soaring as our bodies collide
Forever joined by this journey of lust
In you I placed my body, my heart, my trust
Cradled in your arms I now lay blissful
Knowing it won't last, my thoughts turn wistful
How could I think one night is all I'd need
To fullfil this hunger, this passion, this greed

(c) SA MacNeil

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