Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Memories Past

Craddled in quiet solitude
Gazing reverently out the window
Locking eyes with the girl
Whom so well I used to know
We share a smile
Thoughts of memories past
So carefree she used to be
So much love she used to feel
The snow falls softly past her face
Reminiscent of our final embrace
Under the light of the night sky
You held me tight
Reluctant to say goodbye
The night was so quiet
As if it knew not to intrude
We danced among the trees
To the rhythm of our hearts
Entwined for the last time
Snowflakes kissed our lashes
Our lips locked with fervent passion
But the time had come
This moment I so dread
As you slowly pulled away
No words need be said
The loss of your touch
The anguish in your eyes
Too hard to bare
Can't stifle my cries
As you walked away
My world grew cold
My soul will forever weep
Never again to be whole
A piercing memory
Reflected off crystal ice
Is all we've got left
Of a love once sublime
That girl is now gone
But I'll be okay
For it's time to move on
Tomorrow is another day

(c) SA MacNeil

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