Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Through the café door
I sway
Hoping the fates
Will bring you
My way
At the window
I sit
Lost in the bustle
Hurried strangers passing by
Thoughts of you
Through my mind
While I gently caress
My bare thigh
Wherever you are
Are you thinking of me
My fingertips
Tracing soft circles
On your heated flesh
My lips
Pressed against
The soft skin
Of your neck
Trailing kisses
Lightly brushing
Against your mouth
Tongue dipping in
Tasting you
The closeness
My body
Wrapped round you
Feeling your heart
In perfect harmony
With mine
A bell chimes
Head swivels to look
At the opening door
It's not you
Never is
Just a lingering
(c) SA Mac Neil
photo not my own

Wednesday, 17 April 2013


I am a girl
Though I may stumble
My soul will not crumble
I am fragile
I am vulnerable
I am strong
I am resilient
My spirit will continue to shine
Ever brilliant
This pain will not dim
The light glowing within
No matter how deep
The shit
Piled at my feet
I will not let darkness set in
I will not be swallowed
By the dirt
I will not be blinded
By the hurt
I will fight
With all of my might
To banish the darkness
Far from sight
Always choosing laughter
Happiness over spite
(c) SA Mac Neil
photo not my own

Sunday, 14 April 2013


I'm just a girl
I prance and I dance
I skip and I play
Even though I find myself
Caught in the fray
I wink and I smile
All the while I beguile
True feelings are not as they may
I'm strong and I'm tough
And I can deal with the rough
But inside lies a soft tender heart
So easy to pierce
With sharp words so fierce
From your tongue
Venom shoots like a dart
Slowly poisoning the girl
You once promised the world
But instead you left broken
Torn apart

(c) SA Mac Neil


Thursday, 4 April 2013


Entranced in the depths
Of a turquoise blue sea
Every time those eyes
Seductively gaze upon me
A crystal clear serenity
Washes over my flesh
Warm waves of desire
Stealing my breath
As the moon pulls the tide
Natural forces so intense
I'm drawn to your side
Ever weakening my defense
Swimming in those eyes
Currents of passion so strong
I can try to tread against them
...But not for very long
(c) SA Mac Neil