Wednesday 12 August 2015


She looked to the sky
and asked the moon why
his crestfallen face
drooped from outer space?
With a sigh he replied
"It is my heart.
For I am so far apart from my one true love.
She is the sun that smiles from up above.
No matter how hard I try
or how fast I fly,
I'm always missing her light.
Seems I am destined to live
forever in night."

Tuesday 11 August 2015


The gentle bite of an early autumn day.
A languidly rising sun shining through a shroud of morning mist.
The way it gleamed off the old maples, ripe with dewy jewels.
Leaves crunching and shuffling underfoot
as I made my way across Johnston Green.
I remember that moment.
It hangs in my memory like a work of art.
A fragment of time I yearn to feel again, but can only admire from a distance.

Wednesday 11 February 2015

Review of The Hitcher by Charming Man

If you've not yet been charmed by the literary prowess of Mr. Charming Man, stop whatever you're doing, put the kettle on* and pick up your Kindle.  Charming  Man has several titles under his belt, each one unique yet all focused around the central theme of chance encounters. His latest release, The Hitcher, is a great place to start.

The Hitcher takes us back to England in the late 1970's to meet Steve. Steve is a university student on summer holiday when he is tasked with the job of preparing his parents' summer property for new renters.  He embarks on a road trip which turns into much more than he bargained for. In a tantalizing twist of fate he finds himself in a cat and mouse game with a sexy and very cheeky young woman. 

Charming Man's descriptive storytelling transports the reader straight into the scene. I could almost feel the warm summer wind rushing past me as I became a passenger in Steve's car.  This erotic short even comes complete with a soundtrack, further adding to the full sensory journey the author takes us on. I found myself reminiscing about that crazy summer of '79, and I was only just born!

This is a tale of fate, summer love, and not to mention very steamy sex. The lighthearted sarcastic banter between the two characters makes you fall in love and leaves you hoping for a sequel! 

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*pour the wine

Wednesday 6 August 2014

Not just words...

You are the arms that hold me when I'm falling
My guardian angel when the demons come calling

You are the breeze that dries my tears
You are the light that banishes my fears

You are my rain in times of drought
My encouragement in times of doubt

You are my sunrise
My escape from night's despondent cries

You are my sunset
My solace from the day's regret

These are not just words
You are not just you
But an extension of my soul
My love forever true

(c) SA MacNeil

Monday 21 July 2014

Spill some blood

To you
I was a fool
Wore my heart on my sleeve
Showed you the deepest parts of me
I thought you were special...different...rare
To you I was a game, you really didn't care
So tell me now, how does it feel
To slash your sharpened lies of steel
Across the heart that loved you for real
Is this what you wanted, to spill some blood
Well congratulations. Welcome to the flood.

(c) SA MacNeil