Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Letter to No One

I never thought possible
To miss someone who never was
Until you never came

I hoped
I dreamed
I tried
I cried
I even wished upon a star
But you never came

I can't help but dream
About what could've been
How much you were loved
Even though you were never here

I can't help but wonder
If it would be my eyes I would see
When I gaze at you adoringly
Would you be silly like me?
Maybe a little shy too?
These things I'll never know
Because you never came

I dream about picnics in the park
Building castles in the sand
Sharing with you all the things dear to my heart
Walking with you hand in hand

Bedtime stories
Goodnight kisses
Quiet cuddles
Stolen dances
Teaching you
Loving you
All the things that will never be
Because you never came

I'm tired of waiting
Hoping and dreaming
Crying and pleading
For you who will never be

Time to move on
Put a smile on my face
But you should always know
In my heart there will always be an empty place

(c) SA MacNeil

1 comment:

  1. SA,

    What a beautiful and moving poem you have written. I find this topic tends to be one that isn't often shared so openly, but I think your words will hit home with many women (including myself), and that is an amazing thing!

    I look forward to reading more of your work.

    Karen Michelle xo