Wednesday, 24 October 2012

First Love

Your big brown eyes staring into my soul
That wanton look tells me you'll devour me whole
Your tongue between my thighs
Hand over mouth to stifle my cries
Lips trailing kisses slowly up my body
Tasting every inch of my flesh
Feeling your breath on my neck
My earlobe between your teeth
You whisper those last words

~Are you sure?~

My answer so pure
Comes as a plead

~Yes. Please.~

Hands bound together above my head
Your hardness slowly pressing in
I scream in delight
This feeling so tight
Bodies become one
I pant, I moan, become undone
You look at me with wonder
As our passion pulls us under
My senses on fire
While you fill me with desire
Soaring high
Above the sky
We fall together
Not wanting to break the tether
We lie in a heep
Drifting toward sleep

(c) SA MacNeil

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