Wednesday 11 June 2014

Childhood's Ache

as the sound of rustling leaves
and eager birds ready to seize the day
is quickly replaced
by a different serenity
the familiar hum
of lawnmowers and laughter

days were spent
transforming the forest
into our own imaginary kingdom
chasing boys
threatening them with kisses
riding bikes for hours
anywhere and everywhere
swimming in the river
chasing waves in the ocean

the whole neighborhood
our playground
there were no fences
no strangers
no reason to keep people out
our neighbors were family

street-wide BBQs and badminton tournaments
turned into backyard bonfires
best friends
swinging in the hammock
singing old Beatles songs
under a sky of endless stars
dreaming of a future
with endless possibilities

childhood's ache
reverberates deep within me
I long for these days
when life was simple
these memories are mine
to cherish for a lifetime
and for that
I am eternally grateful

(c) SA MacNeil


  1. Your eloquent words touch my heart and soul as I read them.

    1. Truly honoured, thank you for your kind words :-)