Thursday, 8 May 2014

Ladies don't drink beer

"Ladies don't drink beer" he says...

Well I am most definitely a lady
And I most definitely drink beer
I'm soft spoken and polite
I wear my jeans and dresses tight
I can drink with the boys
And tell dirty jokes
To rival all the other blokes
Sappy movies make me cry
And I could never hurt a fly
But I can shoot a gun
Not to kill, just for fun
I can use power tools
And wield an ax
It's all true
These are the facts
I can switch from heels
To hiking boots with ease
I can strut a catwalk
And even climb trees
I can play guitar
And camp under the stars
I can bait a hook
Just don't ask me to cook
I enjoy sipping tea
And single malt whisky
I'm Canadian
I'm Scottish
I'm a scientist
I'm a poet
I'm laid back
I'm down to earth
I was raised with manners
Hand me some nails
And pass that hammer
I'll build you a bookcase
It'll be your special place
Where you can store all your other outdated preconceived notions
of what a lady should be...

"Ladies don't drink beer" he says
Well, I am a lady of discerning tastes
And I will drink this beer
With a smile on my face

(c) SA MacNeil

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