Monday, 14 October 2013

Poetry Challenge: Words Across the Oceans

The warm golden glow
Of a slowly setting sun
Casts shadows
Hiding the tears
Accompanying my thoughts
While its bright amber rays
Illuminate the empty space
Remaining by my side

The only embrace I feel
That of the autumn winds
Billowing off the sea
Swirling around me
Chilling my flesh
But not my heart
For it beats steady
With an everlasting hope

Hope for one day
To find myself in your arms

As I sit silently
Watching the promise of today
Sink lower
On the distant horizon
I place my hope in tomorrow

With the blow of a kiss
I whisper my wish into the wind
To carry my words across the oceans
Riding upon the waves
Of this crazy life
Straight to the shores
Of your awaiting heart

(c) SA MacNeil

This was written for a poetry challenge hosted by the wonderful DebraDML. Please visit her site to read all of the amazing entries.


  1. Thank-you SO much Hun for your amazing poem, such a treasure to have on my blog and TY for being apart of this!!! Lots of Love Debs xox

    1. So glad I could be a part of it Deb! Thank you so much! Mwah :) xoxo